Tanbark Trail's Trailhead is located off Highway 1 in Partington Cove, approximately 36 miles south of The Treadmill. Once you pass Partington Ridge Rd., you are 15-20 seconds away from where you will want to park. Once you've passed Partington Ridge Rd, the highway sweeps left and begins to descend, your area to pull over is  a dirt area at the apex of the next sweeping right hand turn. ( IMAGE BELOW)


Tanbark trail follows the Partington Creek for approximately 1.2 miles. It's full of incredible little waterfalls.

Probably the best part of Tanbark Trail, is the breathtaking waterfall located only 1.2 miles from Highway 1. In order to find it, follow Tanbark Trail along Partington Creek until the trail takes a right turn that is noticeably where the trail begins to head uphill. Instead of heading uphill, continue left along the trail another 50ft and you will be rewarded.

If you're looking to add on a few miles to your hike, the famous "Tin House" can be another sight to be seen. To get there, return back to where Tanbark Trail turns uphill and start climbing. The trail remains mostly gentle for the remainder of the hike. While the entire hike is beautiful, most of your time is spent peaking through towering redwoods at gorgeous Big Sur mountains and expansive ocean views. The below image was taken on the West side of the "Tin House". PLEASE PROCEED IN & AROUND THE "TIN HOUSE" WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

The Tin House has an interesting history and was built in 1944 by Lathrop Brown, a former Congressman from New York, who also built the home above McWay Falls that was finally removed in 1965. The tin sheeting and parts came from two old gas stations, and the house was fully finished inside with rich blue walls in the living room.

The story goes that when the house was completed, the Browns spent one night there and soon discovered that the tin structure made a lot of noise as it expanded and shrank with the temperature changes. They never returned.